The online store promotes and distributes the products through the Internet of the Greek societe anonyme “JOHNSON HEALTH TECH HELLAS SA”, which is located in Athens, 12A Vas.Konstantinou Street, (Tax Identification Number: 800554914 / Athens Tax Office).

Make sure you agree to the following terms and conditions as your further use and browsing of the above website implies your explicit and unconditional consent and consent to them.

1. Terms

JOHNSON HEALTH TECH HELLAS SA reserves the right to make the necessary amendments unilaterally or to renew the present terms and conditions of transactions, made through its online store, according to its needs and the general trading environment. JOHNSON HEALTH TECH HELLAS SA is obliged to inform the users about these modifications as well as about any change, through the website of this online store.

2. Limitation of liability

JOHNSON HEALTH TECH HELLAS SA is only responsible for fraud and negligence, in case of delay in the delivery of products that have been ordered and for information that it provides or services that it provides through its website. JOHNSON HEALTH TECH HELLAS SA. can not guarantee the availability of products in this period, but guarantees the timely information of consumers and stakeholders about their unavailability. The online store of JOHNSON HEALTH TECH HELLAS SA. is not responsible for technical problems that may arise to users during browsing the company website and are related to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure with the use of the website. Also JOHNSON HEALTH TECH HELLAS SA. has no responsibility for acts or omissions of third parties and especially unauthorized interventions of third parties in products and / or services and / or information available through it.

3. Copyright

All content of the website, including images, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, services and products are the intellectual property of the store and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions.

Any copying, analogue / digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading, processing, resale, creation of production work or misleading the public about the real provider of the content of the website is prohibited. Reproduction, republishing, uploading, announcement, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the Content in any way or for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with the prior written permission of the copyright holder of the above copyrights.

The names, images, logos and insignia that represent the online store as well as their products or services, are the exclusive trademarks and insignia of the online store and are protected by Greek, EU and international trademark and industrial and intellectual property laws. In any case, their appearance and display on the website and in the online store should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of their license or right of use.

4. User Obligations

The users of the website accept in advance that they will not use this and the online store of JOHNSON HEALTH TECH HELLAS SA. to disclose, publish, e-mail or otherwise disseminate any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, defamatory, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, violates someone else’s privacy, shows empathy, or expresses racial, ethnic or other discrimination, may cause harm to minors in any way; disclosed as part of an employment relationship or covered by any confidentiality agreement), infringes any patent, trademark and / or secret, copyright or other proprietary rights, contains malicious software viruses or any other codes, files or programs with a view to steep termination, damage, destruction or malfunction of any computer software or hardware, intentionally or unintentionally violates applicable Greek and European Community law and its provisions, may harass third parties in any way and any content used for personal collection or storage user data.

5. Ensuring the Privacy of Your Personal Data

The personal data you declare anywhere on the pages and services of our website, are intended solely to ensure the operation of the respective service and may not be used by any third party, without complying with the provisions of law. This personal data is kept in an electronic file with your consent and is not transferable, nor will it be delivered or disclosed to a third party for advertising or other promotional purposes. Your consent includes their use by the company for advertising or promotional purposes, as well as for updating the course of our transactional and commercial relationship.

The online store operates in accordance with current Greek and EU legislation (EU 2016/679) and safely keeps your personal data for as long as you are registered in one of its services, and are deleted after seven years from your last transaction, unless maintenance is required for tax or legal reasons and whenever you wish, with your written declaration. The personal data you declare in the online store are used exclusively by it, for the purposes of the commercial relationship, for the information of the course of the relationship, for the information of new products, advertisements and promotions, and it is allowed to be given to companies that cooperate with it, under specific contracts for their safeguard and protection, for the purpose of supporting, promoting and executing this transaction only. You can request the correction of your data, their partial deletion or deletion from specific actions. The data kept in the file may be disclosed to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon their legal request and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, while you can at any time obtain information about what data we have collected, for what purpose we have it. collect and for how long we will keep them.

6. Product information

JOHNSON HEALTH TECH HELLAS SA. is committed to the complete and valid recording of the information provided on its website , both in terms of the existence and recording of basic qualitative and quantitative characteristics that are described on a case-by-case basis for each product available, as well as for the accuracy of the data concerning the services provided, by the online store of JOHNSON HEALTH TECH HELLAS SA, of services, subject to any technical or typographical errors, which have escaped attention or have occurred unintentionally or due to any interruption of the website due to force majeure. On the same website there is a detailed price list of products, and the prices include VAT 23%

7. Login to the e-shop

In order to place an order at you must register in our online store by filling in some mandatory fields on the registration form, as well as you must choose a username as well as a password. The only one who has absolute and free access to your data is you through the above codes and you are solely responsible for maintaining its confidentiality and concealment from third parties. In case of loss or leakage you should immediately inform our company, otherwise the online store of JOHNSON HEALTH TECH HELLAS SA. can not guarantee the non-use of the secret code by an unauthorized person.

8. Payment Methods

    • Payment by Credit Card: The online store of JOHNSON HEALTH TECH HELLAS SA, accepts all credit cards. In this case the check will be made first for the possibility of charging, commitment of the amount, and final charge with the delivery of the product

Cash on delivery with a courier company. Pay the courier company employee, upon delivery of your order at your place.

  • By deposit in a bank account:
    ΕΤΕ 139 / 471242-05
    PIRAEUS 5050-070554-785
    Send us a copy of the bank payment order by fax to 211-4112798.


Installment Purchase: For more information please contact the relevant department at 211 4112797.

9. Shipping Costs

The sending of gym equipment and machines is done only with transport companies and the charge is borne by the recipient. Shipping costs vary, depending on the region, their volume or weight as defined by international transport regulations. In any case, when we receive your order you will be informed by phone or e-mail about the exact amount of shipping costs as they are paid by the recipient upon receipt of the products. If for any reason you do not receive your products and they are returned to our store, the shipping costs will be paid from the money you deposited for the purchase of these products or by debiting the credit card. The choice of shipping is random unless indicated in the comments of the online order.

10. Cancel Orders

JOHNSON HEALTH TECH HELLAS SA. gives you the right to cancel the order in the following cases:

  • Place your order to be executed only after completing all the steps of the shopping cart and viewing the corresponding message.
  • If after completing the order you want to cancel or change it you should contact us directly, either by phone or via the contact form.
  • For orders received by the courier or shipping company for shipment to the customer, no cancellation or change can be made.

If thirty (30) days have passed since the transfer of the order and you have not received the order and unless any of the terms of paragraph 12 apply.

The right of withdrawal is exercised in writing via e-mail at making it mandatory the word “withdrawal” and writing that you wish to withdraw from your order for the specific product, in the contact form.

In case of withdrawal, any amounts paid are returned within thirty (30) days from the sending of the email. In cases where the price is covered in whole or in part by a credit granted to the consumer either by our company or by a third party, under an agreement concluded between the third party and the supplier, then, if the consumer exercises the right to withdraw from the contract in with the above, can be terminated according to the provisions of the Civil Code and the credit agreement, without payment of compensation.

Return costs are borne by the customer.

11. Return – Product Replacement

You have the right to return the products you bought and request their replacement within 10 working days from the date you receive the products. Returns are only accepted if the products are in the same condition in which you received them, i.e. without being unsealed or tampered with, along with the retail receipt or invoice.

In any case the return and replacement is possible under the following conditions: 1. contact the Online Store on the same day or the next working day, or call 211-4112797, in case of product change within 20 days with another or other up to of the price or at an additional price. In case of product change, the shipping costs of the new one are borne by the customer. In case the product violates the terms of returns and is deemed unsuitable for return, then it will be returned to the customer. Shipping will be borne by him.

12. Order delay

Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

  1. The product has been delayed to be shipped from the factory located in Taiwan. All our products are import. Therefore, there are cases where an order can be “stuck” at customs or transport, with the result that it does not arrive in our warehouses at the time we expect. In such a case, we will contact you to ask if you want us to deliver your order without this product or to suggest you an alternative. We will send this item to you immediately upon receipt in our warehouses.
  2. The product you ordered is not available. In this case one of our partners will contact you directly to give you all the alternatives.
  3. During periods of extreme weather or strikes as well as in any case of force majeure, which may affect the transport and delivery of your order.
  4. In case it is impossible to communicate with you by phone and / or by e-mail (if there is a problem with your order, either in relation to the product or in relation to its payment) because e.g. The information you entered is not properly updated.

13. Guarantees

The products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which is provided by the company for Greece. In order to provide a guarantee, the company will examine the observance of the terms as they are mentioned by the manufacturer, in the accompanying user manual. No guarantee will be provided in case the product is not accompanied by its proof of purchase, for its identification and if it has been intervened by a third party not authorized by our company. The warranty for the mechanical parts is for two years, and for the rest for…. years. If during the warranty period a defect appears in the product and our company refuses or delays the repair beyond the necessary time, the consumer has the right to request the replacement of the product with a new one of equal value and quality or to withdraw from the contract. If the required repair time exceeds fifteen (15) working days, the consumer is entitled to request the temporary replacement of the product for the duration of the repair. ”

Modification of the present terms: reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of transactions, always in accordance with the provisions of N. 2251/1994 , as in force.